An Important Book

As part of my effort to promote informed discussion of the critically important economic challenges facing our country, Ending Spending, the non-partisan advocacy group I founded and lead, recently published a book called “The Fiscal Cliff.” Carefully researched and written by Ayse and Selahattin Imrohoroglu (two well-regarded economists who teach at the University of Southern California), “The Fiscal Cliff” is a readable, fact-based analysis of how our economic future is threatened by out-of-control government spending and the ballooning federal debt it produces. The purpose of the book is to identify and explain the facts and some of the key challenges that brought us to this financial precipice. After laying out these facts, the Imrohoroglus concluded that our nation’s debt trajectory is unsustainable and decisive action is required to prevent an economic disaster.

A few weeks ago, Ending Spending sent copies of the book to every member of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and this week we sent out fifty more – one to each governor of every state in the union. You can download your own free e-book here: I can’t say “The Fiscal Cliff” is a fun read, but especially in an election year, it is certainly an important one.

A Great Decision

I’ll leave it to the pundits to speculate about what led Mitt Romney to choose Paul Ryan as his running mate. But as far I’m concerned, it was a great decision. As someone who is deeply concerned about how out-of-control federal spending threatens to deprive future generations of the economic opportunity people of my generation enjoyed, I have been an enthusiastic supporter of Rep. Ryan and his serious approach to balancing the federal budget. But the best thing about his addition to the ticket is that it guarantees that an issue that ranks among the most serious facing our country today – the menace posed by our growing debt – will be central to the debate in this year’s Presidential campaign. And that’s good news for all Americans.

Spotlight on

A terrific article recently posted on Capital, a New York-based media-news site, talks at length about how, “with its frequent scoops and more nimble approach to breaking news,” is making waves and has its “competitors…in a sweat” in the country’s biggest and most important media market. You can read it here. Among other things, the writer notes that I often talk about how proud I am of what the team at has accomplished. He sure has that right.