DNAinfo.com was the first outlet to break Madam Gristina story

I’m so proud of the team at DNAinfo.com for their great work breaking important stories in the news capital of the world.  Case in point — they beat out the entire New York news media, including all the major dailies and every TV and radio station, to break the story on Madam Gristina. Hyper-local reporting is the future of journalism and this shows why it works.

Full story: Capital New York: After beating both tabloids to the tale of Madam Gristina, DNAinfo has the ‘News’ and ‘Post’ in a sweat


Chicago Cubs

I get asked about the Cubs a lot and every now and again someone identifies me as the owner. But that’s not quite right. Here’s the deal – Marlene and I established a trust on behalf of our family and that trust owns a 95-percent controlling interest in the team.  To get the whole picture, click here:  http://www.joericketts.com/about.html#cubs