Campaign for Primary Accountability

I want to set straight a misimpression conveyed by a headline that appeared on a story published by a Chicago news website earlier this week. The story concerned a contribution I recently made to an advocacy organization called the Campaign for Primary Accountability, which the headline described as a “Ricketts Family’s Super PAC…” Now, I am proud to be a supporter of the Campaign for Primary Accountability, but it is not a “Ricketts’ Family” anything.  Neither I nor my family started this organization, we certainly don’t control it, and I am only one of its supporters. I have no idea why the headline writer chose to describe the Campaign for Primary Accountability this way, but whatever the reason, it is simply wrong.

A New Beginning

One of the great things about having your own website is that it gives you a chance to share your thoughts about things that matter to you. In my case, this may mean discussing developments at Opportunity Education, our companies, and our policy initiatives, or commenting on news and issues that I care about.

For this first post, I wanted to write about something that happened recently in my personal life.  There’s nothing more moving – or humbling – than a tribute from people you’ve worked alongside. I’m just back from the TD Ameritrade annual shareholder’s meeting where they showed a beautiful video about my years at the company and unveiled a portrait of yours truly that will hang in the new corporate headquarters. As I said at the time, I generally prefer looking forward to looking back, but when I do think about the years we spent building the company, two things stand out: how much fun we had starting the business and how many lives – both customers and employees – we touched for the better. By any measure, I am truly blessed.